Last update: April 18, 2023

There are no events or situations - such as diseases, distress or unrest -
threatening the personal safety or well-being of travelers to Romania.

The following information may be of interest to travelers:

Travel to Romania given the Ukraine situation

Romania is safe and hospitable.
All visitors are welcome!
The unfortunate situation in the Ukraine does not threaten to destabilize Romania at all.
The local authorities and hospitality industry are eagerly anticipating a strong tourism recovery, in 2023,
following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

Romania Traffic Delays or Restrictions // Roads Closed

Route: TransFagarasan

National Road DN 7 C (Drumul National 7 C) crossing the Fagaras Mountains
Road Status: Closed

Section affected:
Piscu Negru --- Balea Cascada (km 104 to km 131)

Scheduled Dates: November 17, 2022 - June 30, 2023 (tentative date of re-opening for the warm season)
The road will re-open earlier than scheduled, without advance notice, if safe driving conditions.
Scheduled days: Monday - Sunday.

Route: TransAlpina

National Road DN 67 C (Drumul National 67 C) crossing the Parang Mountains
Road Status: Closed

Section affected:
Ranca - Obarsia Lotrului (km 34 to km 59)

Scheduled Dates: November 17, 2022 -- May 31, 2023 (tentative date of re-opening for the warm season).
The road will re-open earlier than scheduled, without advance notice, if safe driving conditions.
Scheduled days: Monday - Sunday.

Information on Road Conditions can also be obtained directly from
Romania's Road Authority
Compania Nationala de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere
Telephone: (+4) ext. 4 or 0800 800.301 (local toll free)

Money Exchange

Romania's currency (Lei) is not readily available abroad.
If you do not wish to keep your leftover Romanian Lei (RON), please make sure that, before leaving Romania, you have converted them into the currency of your choice.

Bucharest Taxi

RomaniaTourism has received complaints concerning Bucharest taxi drivers who have overcharged customers by not using the meter or employing malfunctioning meters. Drivers approaching you at the airport or at the train station (Gara de Nord) in Bucharest are likely to inflate their rates; please be aware and try to avoid them.
Taxis can be summoned by telephone or hailed on the street. Confirming the cost of the ride with the driver, before starting the trip, is always a good idea.
If you run into a problem with any taxi in Bucharest - or if you are suspecting that you have met a dishonest driver - ask for a receipt and write down the vehicle's license plate #, if possible.
Taxi tariffs can vary from company to company.

Typical Bucharest Taxi tariffs:

  Lei (RON) U.S. Dollars*
Initial fee 2.29 Lei - 4.50 Lei $0.50 - $1.00
Trips within city limits 2.29 Lei - 4.50 Lei / km $0.80 - $1.60 / mile
Trips outside city limits 2.50 Lei - 8 Lei / km $0.90 - $2.85 / mile
Slow traffic or waiting time 0.50 Lei - 0.95 Lei / minute $0.20 - $0.40 / minute
Waiting time 22,9 Lei - 39 Lei / hour $4.75 - $8.50 / hour

* Tariffs in U.S. Dollars estimated at an exchange rate of 4.50 Lei / Dollar.

The average cost of the taxi trip from Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport to downtown Bucharest
is about 80.00 Lei ($18.00).

More information on transportation from/ to Bucharest international Airport
are available in our Bucharest info section.

If you run into a problem with any taxi in Bucharest
- or if you are suspecting that you have met a dishonest driver -
ask for a receipt and if possible try to write down the vehicle's license plate #.
To file a Taxi complaint please call:
(+4) 021 201 32 42 or (+4) 021 311.62.09 (Transportation Bureau of the Police Department) and/or
021 97 52 (Bucharest City Hall - Complaints)
021 95 51 (Consumer Protection Authority).

Feedback about Bucharest taxi service can also be sent to:

Bucharest City Hall
Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti
Directia Transporturi, Drumuri, Sistematizarea Circulatiei
Serviciul Control Transporturi, Utilitati Publice)
Bd. Regina Elisabeta 47
etajul 2, camera 237
050013 Bucharest 5 Romania
Telephone: (+4) 021 305.55.00 x 1252

Bucharest International Airport
Aeroportul International Bucuresti
Contact Form

Bucharest Consumer Protection Agency
Oficiul Municipal pentru Protectia Consumatorilor
Str. Transilvaniei 2
010798 Bucharest 1 Romania
Telephone: 021 310.63.75 or
021 95 51 (this is a valid 'short' phone #).

Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism
Calea Victoriei nr. 152,
Bucharest 1 - Romania

Driving in Romania

Most major tourist attractions in Romania are easily accessible by public transportation but travel by car is perhaps the best way to discover Romania's charming villages and to reach attractions located in areas with limitted bus
or train service.

In some areas of Romania, conditions of roads, the number of slow moving vehicles and even the level of adherence to traffic regulations and common road courtesies may be different from what you are familiar with in the USA or Canada.

We are not aware of any major incidents regarding driving in Romania but feedback from a few U.S. and Canadian travelers have indicated that some Romanian drivers have a competitive driving style (improper passing / cutting into another car's path and tailgating flash of the headlamps are not uncommon).

While in North America flashing the headlamps is considered rude in Europe a quick flash of the headlamps is sufficient to get the car lead to move on the first lane of the (multi-lane) road.

In rural areas be ready to share the road with slow-moving vehicles, including horse-drawn wagons.

A number of roads are under construction.
Signage and safety studs may be inferior to those used in North America.

The numerous photo opportunities offered by Romania's scenic countryside may make you to stop more often than planned
and driving to your destination may take longer than expected.

However, as long as you will drive cautiously we believe that you will enjoy your driving vacation in Romania.

Map of Romania's roads condition

Map of road traffic intensity forecast (not real-time traffic info)

Feedback about tour operators / travel agencies

We love positive feedback about travel to Romania and we are getting lots of it
from travelers who have visited recently.

All Romanian Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Freelance Guides must be licensed
by the Romanian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism.
If your Romania experience was flawed by a company and/or its staff,
or you wish to check the credentials of a Romanian tour company
please E-mail the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

Be particularly cautious if:

- the Website of a travel company or a freelance guide does not indicate a physical address,
- hotel rates and prices for similar services are significantly lower then those offered by other companies,
- full payment - in cash / wire transfer - is being asked when making the reservation or long before the beginning of trip, especially for services that must not be paid in advance by the travel company (meals, guide services, ground transportation).