Spa Highlights

Built on the site where the city of Callatis stood 2,400 years ago and where ancient stone tombs, statues of gods and other artifacts have been found, Mangalia provides treatments for afflictions related to the kidneys, digestive and nervous systems, skin and liver. Its name comes from the Byzantine word Pangalia, meaning "the most beautiful," and it developed as a spa resort in the 1940s.

The southernmost Romanian town on the Black Sea Coast, situated at the same latitude as the French city Nisa, benefits by many natural resources: sapropelic mud from Techirghiol Lake, sea water, sulphurous waters, and a marine bioclimate, rich in saline aerosols and solar radiation, which stimulate the human organism.

While in Mangalia, you can visit the Callatis Archeological Museum, the ruins of the Callatis Fortress (7th century BC), the Syrian Basilica and the 16th century Esmahan Sultan Mosque, the oldest mosque in Romania.

Fast Facts

Location:Dobrogea - Southeastern Romania(Constanta County) - map
Nearby large town: Constanta (27 miles north)
Climate: Continental climate with hot summers
Annual average temperature: 50°F
Elevation: 32 ft.
Natural resources: Saline aerosols, Sapropelic mud, Seawater, Sulphurous - hypotonic thermal springs

Therapeutic prescriptions

Arthritis and rheumatoid disorders
Endocrine system problems (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism)
Gynecological afflictions
Kidney and urinary diseases
Peripheral nerve diseases
Post-injury and post-operative rehabilitation
Respiratory afflictions
Skin problems

Spa facilities

Indoor thermal swimming pool
Fitness and rehabilitation centre


Aero heliotherapy and wave therapy
Aqua gym in thermal water
Medical gymnastics in sea water or sulphurous water pool
Ozonised thermal bath with underwater massage
Pellamar and Gerovital anti-aging treatments
Warm mud baths and mud applications

Nearby attractions

The city of Constanta

Where: 27 miles north of Mangalia
Access: car bus, train

Murfatlar Vineyards

Where: 43 miles northwest of Mangalia
Access: car

More than 300 days of sunshine a year, long and warm autumns and cool winds from the Black Sea make this region ideal for the production of sweet dessert wines such as late harvest Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. At the Murfatlar Vineyard, you can enjoy traditional dishes from the Dobrogea region and sample some of the finest wines, such as the award-winning Lacrima lui Ovidiu, 3 Hectare Limited Edition, Sec de Murfatlar and Rai de Murfatlar, while taking in the picturesque landscape from the wine cellar's terrace. Complete the tour with a visit to the Vine and Wine Museum, located near the wine cellar. On display, you will find ancient Greek and Roman amphorae and an impressive collection of wine presses, proof of Dobrogea's noble wine-making tradition.

Tulcea & the Danube Delta

(UNESCO Heritage Site)
Where: 105 miles north of Eforie Nord
Access: car, bus, train (with transfer in Constanta and then Medgidia)

Visit Tulcea, one of the oldest cities in Romania, and continue with an exploration of the Danube Delta, one of Europe's leading wildlife sanctuaries. The Delta is a 2,200-square-mile wildlife reserve designated by UNESCO as a 'Reservation of the Biosphere'. Its tree-fringed lakes, reed islands, marshes and oak forests are home to more than 3,400 animal species, along with over a thousand varieties of plant life. The Delta's waters teem with some 160 species of fresh- and salt-water fish. Bird-watchers will be especially enthralled here, with opportunities to spot more than 300 species of migratory and permanent birds including eagles, egrets, vultures, geese, cranes, ibises, cormorants, swans and pelicans.


By air

Nearest airport located in:
Constanta – Mihail Kolgalniceanu International Airport (CND) – 42 miles away

By car

Bucharest to Mangalia viaDN A2/DN A3 and E 87:
Bucharest - Fundulea – Lehliu - Drajna – Fetesti - Cernavoda – Constanta – Mangalia

By train

Mangalia Train Station
There is daily INTERCITY (Express) service between Bucharest and Constanta. From Constanta there are several daily trains with service every half-hour between Constanta and Mangalia.

To check the latest train schedules for domestic routes
please visit the website of the Romanian Railways:
The site has complete information about
domestic train schedules and fares.
Note: For departures from /to Bucharest please select Bucuresti Nord.


Hotel Paradiso ***
Address: Str. Matei Basarab 3, Mangalia
Tel: 0241 752.052

Hotel President ****
Address: Str. Teilor 6, Mangalia
Tel: 0241 755.861

Tourist Info

Constanta Tourist Information Centre (Centrul de Informare Turistica)
Tel: 0241 488.600 or 488.601

Black Sea Coast Tourist Information Centre (Info Litoral)
Tel: 0241 555.000


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