Galati Romania - View from above
Galati - photo © Alexandru Paraschiv

Galati General Information

Fast Facts

Location: Eastern Romania (County: Galati)
Size: 46.4 sq. miles (120 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 115 ft. (35 meters)
Population: 126,000
Inhabited since: 500 BC
First documented: 2nd Century AD

Galati Sights and Landmarks

Although a number of history books state that Galati was first documented in 1445,
Tabula Peutingeriana (Latin for "The Peutinger Map") - 2nd century AD - attests that ”Galatie”
existed as a fishing village - at the confluence of Danube and Siret Rivers and, started to develop at the beginning the first millenium.
Burnt to the ground, 3 times, by the Russians, the Otomans and the Greeks, Galați reborn again and again.
Galati has been a major trade hub since the seventeenth century.
In 1837 Galați was declared a free port (Porto-Franco) and several decades of significat economic growth followed.

The fictional character in Bram Stoker's novel, Count Dracula traveled from London to Varna to Galati
where he began his trip, on land, to Transylvania.

Galați continued to grow after the WWII and also became known worldwide for its huge steel mill and shipyard;
in the early 1990s over 50,000 people were employed by the two companies.

Galati landmarks include the Fortified Church of Precista (Biserica Precista), Galati Administrative Palace, University of Galati, Mavromol Church, The Orthodox Cathedral (Catedrala Arhiepiscopală), Palace of Justice, Maritime Terminal, Robescu Mansion (Casa Robescu), Craftsmen Synagogue.

Jewish Galati
Galați jewish population was first documented in the 17th century. The population of Jews increased as a result of the city's dynamic economy and, reached over 19,000 in 1930 (20% of the city’s population). A Jewish community association was created in 1895 and was acknowledged as a legal entity in 1906. The religious life of Galati's Jewish Community was complemented by the creation of synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, Jewish hospitals and primary schools, craft guilds, charity societies, ritual baths, Hevra Kadishah. From 1881 until 1919, Galați was the center of the Zionist movement in Romania; the Revisionist Zionist organization of the country was set up in Galati in 1926.

Craftsmen Temple or Synagogue of Artisans
Templul Meseriasilor
Address: Strada Dornei 7 - 11
Telephone: (+4) 0236 413.662
Galati Jewish Community Website

Built in 1875, soon after the Association of Jewish Craftsmen was established, the Craftsmen Synagogue is the only temple to remain standing in Galati, out of the twenty-three that were active here during the 1930s.
Galati Synagogue more info

Galati Romania - Night View
Galati - Braila Bridge - photo © Alexandru Paraschiv


Galati History Museum
Muzeul Istorie „Paul Păltănea”
Address: Strada Mr. Iancu Fotea 2 bis
Telephone: (+4) 0733 730.573

Natural Science Museum
Complexul Muzeal de Stiinte ale Naturii
Adresa: Str. Regimentul 11 - Siret 6A
Telephone: (+4) 0236 411.898

Galati Museum of Visual Arts
Muzeul de Arte Vizuale Contemporane
Address: Strada Domneasca 141
Telephone: (+4) 0236 413.452

Galati Public Library "V. A. Urechia"
Biblioteca V. A. Urechia / Palatul CED
Address: Strada Mihai Bravu 16
Telephone: (+4) 0236 411.037
Founded in 1889, thanks to the generous donation of professor Vasile Alexandrescu Urechia - the first Romanian national nominated for a Nobel Prize for Peace, Galati Public Library is housed in the former Palace of the European Commission of the Danube (River).
Rare books in the collection of Galati Public Library include:
"De la consolatione theologiae" (author: Johannes de Tambaco), printed in Strasbourg in 1472;
"Historia del popolo fiorentino" (author: Brunus Aretinus Leonardus), printed in Venice in 1476;
"Tractatum de moribus condictionibus et nequicia turcorum" (author: Georgius de Septemcastris), printed in Utrecht in 1481;
"Ruralia commoda" (author: Petrus de Crescenttis), printed in Lowen in 1474 la Lowen;
"Historia Fiorentina" (author: Johannes Bracciolinus Poggio), printed in Venice in 1476;
"Facta et Dicta Memorabila" (author: Valerius Maximus), printed in Milan in 1478.
Galati Public Library is home to over 600,000 books and 17,000 documents (manuscripts, maps, photos, postcards. microfilms).

Remants of Roman Castrum Tirighina-Barboşi
Castrul Roman de la Tirighina-Barboşi
Ruins of Roman settlement (2nd century AD), built on the site of a Dacian fortress.
The area is also home to a paleontological reservation that protects 400,000 years-old molluscs fossils.

Attractions near Galati

Macin Mountains National Park

Parcul National Muntii Macinului
Where: 24 miles southeast of Galati
Access: car (on DN22 D)
400 million years ago, this mountain range stretched all the way to Western Europe. Its traces can still be found in Bohemia and the French Central Massif. Today, Tutuiatu Peak, the highest peak of the oldest mountain range in Romania, reaches just 1,495 ft.

Macin Winery

Crama Dobrogeana
Where: 20 miles southeast of Galati
Access: car, bus
Address: Str. Viticultori 2, Macin
Telephone: (+4) 0240 573.368
Town of Macin is known for its wines obtained from native varieties of grapes Tămâioasă Românească, Fetească Neagră.
Macin Winery more info

Basilica Niculițel

Bazilica Niculițel
Where: 38 miles southeast of Galati
Access: car, bus
Address: DJ229C 43, Niculițel
A Christian basilica, built in the mid-3rd century near the village of Niculițel, was revealed in 1971 when a creek overflowed its banks.  
The relics of Saints Zoticus, Atallus, Camisius and Philippos, who endured martyrdom because they openly proclaimed their faith in Christ, were found in the basilica. The relics of these can now be seen at Cocoș Monastery, 5 miles northwest of Niculițel.
Basilica Niculițel more info

Sarica Niculițel Winery

Crama Sarica - Niculitel
Where: 36 miles southeast of Galati
Access: car, bus
Address: DN 22 Tulcea - 4 miles east of village Niculitel
Telephone: (+4) 0744 551.518

Garboave Forest — natural oak tree reserve (1,000 acres)
Ostrovul Prut Natural Park

Day Trips

The Danube Delta

Delta Dunarii
Location: 50 miles east of Galati
Access: car or bus to Tulcea and then boat
Danube Delta info

The Danube Delta is comprised of an intricate network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels of the Danube. The area of floating reed islands, forests, pastures and sand dunes covers 3,000 square miles and is home to a vast array of wildlife. Located at the tip of the three channels, Tulcea makes a great starting point for exploring the Delta.

Town of Tulcea

Location: 54 miles (85 km) southeast of Galati
Access: car, bus
Tulcea info

Brăila Wetlands Nature Park

Parcul Natural Balta Mică a Brăilei
Where: 50 miles (82 km) south of Galati
Balta Mică a Brăilei info

Odobesti Winery

Cramele Odobesti - Senator
Where: 62 miles northwest of Galati
Access: car, bus
Address: Cramele Odobești, DN2D
Telephone: (+4) 788 237.001
Wines obtained at Odobesty winery from native varieties of grapes include: Băbească Neagră, Busuioacă de Bohotin, Crâmpoșie, Fetească Neagră, Fetească Regală, Șarbă, Tămâioasă Românească, Zghihară.
Macin Winery more info

City of Constanta

Location: 125 miles (230 km) southeast of Galati
Access: car, bus
Constanta info

Odobesti Vineyards

Galati Performing Arts

Galati Drama Theatre
Teatrul Dramatic "Fani Tardini"
Address: Strada Domneasca 59
Telephone: (+4) 0236 412.745

Galati Music Theatre
Teatrul Muzical "Nae Leonard"
Address: Strada Mihai Bravu 50
Telephone: (+4) 0236 418.912

Gulliver Puppet Theatre
Teatrul de păpuși Gulliver
Address: Strada Domnească 59
Telephone: (+4) 0236 412.302




Galati does not currently have an airport however, the local authorities have recently announced plans to build an international airport to serve the metropolitan area Galati - Braila

Nearest international airports to Galați are:
Constanta (CND) - 130 miles S
Bucharest - Henri Coanda (OTP) - 140 miles S W

The story of domestic air travel in Romania began in Galati.
On June 24, 1926 a De Havilland DH-9 plane took-off from Galati airport and landed in Bucharest.
Galati airport ceased operations in 1958 and it is now a residential area called "Aviatie" (Aviation).


Galati Train Station
Gara Galați
Address: Strada Garii nr. 1
(0.4 miles from downtown).
Telephone: (+4) 0236 460.643
Daily connections to / from main cities in Romania.


Distance from Galați to selected cities and towns in Romania:
Bucharest — 150 miles
Brasov — 182 miles
Cluj — 353 miles
Constanta — 128 miles
Oradea/Felix Spa — 448 miles
Sibiu — 273 miles
Suceava — 210 miles
Timisoara — 445 miles


Galati Bus Stations

Metropoli Bus Terminal
Autogara Galati Metropoli
Address: Strada Ana Ipătescu 21
Telephone: (+4) 0336 401.584

Daily domestic bus service from/to: Bucharest, Bacău, Barlad, Brasov, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Sibiu, Suceava, Tulcea

I C Frimu Bus Terminal
Autogara I C Frimu
Address: Strada Tecuci 198
Telephone: (+4) 0236 445.288

Daily domestic bus service from/to: Bucharest, Bacău, Barlad, Brasov, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Sibiu, Suceava, Tulcea

Galati Public Transportation

3 tramway and 23 bus routes connect Galati's main areas and tourist attractions.
Galati public transportation map

Galati Taxi

Delta Car: (+4) 0236 320.000
Ace: 940
Leonardo: 947

Galati Car Rental

Big Rent Car
Address: Bulevardul George Coșbuc 74
Telephone: (+4) 0753 711.711

Sun Car
Strada Cristofor Columb 6
Telephone: (+4) 0771 129.135

Galati Hotels

Accommodations in Galati include:

Class Location
Mercure Centrum four-star / midscale Galati City Centre
Riverside four-star / midscale 3 miles southwest of Galati City Centre, left bank of Danube River
Orient three-star / midscale 3.5 miles southwest of Galati City Centre
Evianne three-star / midscale 1.4 miles southwest of Galati City Centre
Viva Club four-star / midscale three miles north of Galati City Centre
Hotel Alex three-star / midscale three miles west of Galati City Centre
Faleza three-star / midscale one mile south of Galati City Centre
Vega three-star / midscale one mile south of Galati City Centre
Ibis Styles three-star / midscale Galati City Centre
Vila Bordeaux three-star / midscale 1.4 miles southwest of Galati City Centre


Galati Shopping City
Address: Bulevardul George Cosbuc 251

Galati Antique and Souvenir Shops

Antichitati Chiriac
Address: Strada Nicolae Bălcescu 12
Telephone: (+4) 0756 305.312
Antichitati Chiriac more info

Anticariat Balcescu Galati
Address: Strada Nicolae Bălcescu 17, Bloc Albatros
Telephone: (+4) 0751 307.072
Anticariat Balcescu more info

Anticariatul Cronos
Address: Strada Nicolae Bălcescu 10
Telephone: (+4) 0751 167.540

Manuk Deco - Decoratiuni Handmade
Address: Strada Brăilei 260, Bloc G9
Telephone: (+4) 0747 986.649

Tourist Information

Galati Useful Telephone Numbers:

General Emergency # (Ambulance, Police): 112

Galati City Hall
Primaria Galati
Address: Strada Domnească 54
Telephone: (+4) 0236 307.700

Emergency Hospital
Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta
Address: Strada Brailei 177

Galati County Archives
(Directia Judeteana Galati a Arhivelor Nationale)
Address: Strada Constructorilor 2
Telephone: (+4) (+4) 0236 436.114
Opening Hours

Galati Consumer Protection Agency
Comisariatul Pentru Protecţia Consumatorilor Galaţi
Address: Strada Egalității 2
Telephone: (+4) 0236 413.929

Tourist Information: (+4) 0236 422.096


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