Location: Valea Viilor, Transylvania – Central Romania
Address: DJ 142 G Valea Viilor, Sibiu county
Nearest large town: Medias (8.5 miles northwest)
Nearest train station: Copsa Mica
Telephone: 0269 515.266
E-mail: primariavv@yahoo.com

Valea Viilor is one of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania

Located in the Vineyards Valley, this fortified church was built in 1263 in gothic style and was enlarged and fortified in the 15th and 16th centuries by adding a range of 26-foot-tall and five-foot- wide walls. A unique element is the well in the center of the church choir that provided water for the locals during sieges. Inside, you can admire Saxon furniture and decorations dating from the 16th century.

Valea Viilor Fortified Church Visiting Hours:
Summer: Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 12 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm
Cold season: Please call to announce / schedule your visit.
Admission: 5 Lei