Location: southeastern Romania
Nearest international airport: Constanta (CND)
Ground transportation:
A2 highway, Bucharest to Constanta
Train: Bucharest -- Constanta -- Mangalia
(travel time - express train - from Bucharest to Constanta: 2 hours and 20 minutes)

Warm climate, miles of sandy beaches, ancient monuments, wineries and modern resorts invite travelers to consider Romania's Black Sea Coast as their summer vacation destination.
Beaches, stretching from Navodari to Mangalia, are dotted with fine resorts and hotels, and countless sports and entertainment facilities.
Remnants of ancient Greek culture as far back as the 7th Century, BC, when seafarers established trading colonies along the coast, are still being discovered.
Romania's main sea resorts are located on a 45-miles stretch of fine sand beaches and include, from north to south: Navodari, Mamaia, Eforie, Costinesti, Neptun, Olimp, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mangalia and Vama Veche.
Mamaia - 5 miles north of Constanta - is, arguably, the most fashionable sea town in Romania, known for its upscale hotels and night-clubs as well as for its music festivals.
Although not lacking entertainment and party options, the resorts south of Constanta: Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia are destinations for families looking mainly for relaxation and fun under the summer sun.
Costinesti and Vama Veche attract mostly young beach-goers.

The Black Sea Coast is home to numerous medical spas that have long been known as excellent options to alleviate of arthritic, rheumatic, internal and nervous disorders. Eforie Nord and Mangalia Spas specialize in mud baths (the mud is taken from the nearby salty waters lakes) as well as in rejuvenation treatments using original products: "Gerovital" and "Aslavital" created by world renown physician Ana Aslan.

Vacationers at Romania's Black Sea Coast can also join organized trips from the seaside to a number of locations in the country, including the Danube Delta, Romania's capital city - Bucharest, or to nearby Bulgaria and Turkey.

Most Romania Black Sea hotels and resorts are open May 1 through September 10
Main season: July 10 -- August 31

The climate of the Romanian Black Sea Coast is continental (subject to pronounced seasonal temperature variations).
The salinity of the surface waters in the open sea averages between 17 and 18 parts per thousand.
Because oxygen in the Black Sea waters is dissolved, rich sea life is present only in the upper water levels.